December 21, 2013

Mishaps and Such

I've got it. What about I plan to post every other Saturday or so? That's totally not overdoing it nor completely forgetting it and gives me a structure. And as an added incentive, helps me put off finishing cleaning the house! Which is pretty much what I'm all about by the time the weekend hits.
Besides, I've already (almost) cleaned up the extra messes I've made so far today (a quart of yogurt lassi all over the floor/rug, anyone? oh, you broke your husband's special mug? why does it smell like you left the granola in the oven too long?), so the vacuuming can wait.
Speaking of mishaps. I was considering posting an album of visual illustrations of what goes on in this house when I'm left alone in it. But I'm trying to keep my posts a little shorter and more manageable, and anything close to slightly indicative of the litany of chaotic instances would be a tome worthy of Crime and Punishment comparison (in length; perhaps also in subject matter). Thankfully, I've also slacked off in the photography element necessary for this feat, so it's just not going to happen this time.
Except for these three photos I found stashed away in the annals of the summer past. Enjoy laughing at my expense (don't worry, that's my only effective coping mechanism anymore).

Exhibit A: When you cook beets in the microwave, check on them every now and then. Unless you want it to look like something very bloody died.
Exhibit B: Ah, the bucket. The bucket of fresh peaches that got turned into emergency salsa because the leftover pickling juice spilled over in the fridge and dripped down when we were gone for a week. Voila! Pickled peaches. Nom.

Exhibit C: is not from the kitchen, but still a classic. I was so careful to wash Brian's crisp white dress shirt on the delicate cycle blah blah, so proud of myself to be paying attention. Just should've paid more attention to that bright coral scarf I also wanted washed carefully...
 There are plenty more where these came from. Trust me.

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