February 16, 2014

'Snow Day Like Today!

That was my overriding personal opinion when the excessive snowfall effectively shut everything down. Oh the joy and possibilities of a surprise day at home!
With the help of some leftover coffee, I was in project mode all day long. All of sudden, my latent creativity screamed for release.
So I made a shelf! No impressive carpentry nor actual technical skill involved, but I don't feel like I need to hide my slight hubris at the results.
Take some boards from your in-laws' dairy barn. They may or may not retain a slight "aroma," if you know what I mean.
Then take some bricks from your landlords. Prior consent is recommended, but running upstairs and asking while your husband is in the process of bringing the bricks inside may also be effective.
Clean the bricks, because they just might be real dirty.

Next you alternate stacks of bricks with boards, which is a neat trick with bricks and blocks, sir. You can also make a quick trick brick stack, then a quick trick block stack. (Dr. Seuss shoutout!! I couldn't help it.)
Stuff wads of used crossword papers in between the bricks when the wobbling is just too much to ignore or the boards just decide to stay warped.
Then you have a shelf!!! And you can fill it with your favorite things.
Like old Mason jars and cookbooks.