November 23, 2013

It's Time

Time to blog again. I was going to say, "Time to blog consistently again," but it'd be difficult to return to what never was.
We'll see what happens.
First off, before getting into all the juicy domestic activity details, I need to make a confession. Barefoot in the Kitchen is a somewhat misleading title for this time of year. Don't worry; I stay completely committed to the value of living without shoes. Just within reason. It's below freezing outside, and my tootsies get chilled walking around that linoleum floor.
Introducing, for a limited time only, Moccasin-shod in the Kitchen.

That's right. I wear 70's moccasin-slippers, spandex, and my Congolese-fabric apron to cook. I'm not here to make fashion statements. At least not any good ones.

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