April 22, 2014

The Incredible Edible Egg (and many diversities therein)

We couldn't help it. Just as our precious chickens began to increase their daily production to nearly two dozen eggs, a certain booklet serendipitously arrived at our front doorstep. [Well, it arrived at our storage room doorstep...told you it must be more than coincidence.]
"50 Deviled Eggs," the coversheet screams, accompanied by a bright photo of a perfect classic example.
Inside, pages are lined with variation upon blessed variation on the foundational mashed-yolks-in-white method. We can choose from the odd Frito Pie to the clever Green Eggs and Ham to the dubious All-White to the upscale Bagels and Lox.
Actually, we can't choose from those; so we choose them all. One batch a week.
Initially in the heat of the moment, Brian and I decided to nix the ten least appetizing recipes to reduce our egg-intake from nearly a year down to 40 weeks (since that is so much shorter). After consideration, I have a feeling that once we make it that far, we'll push through for the last few.
We're not just making and eating these half-shell morsels of goodness, of course. Immediately we constructed a rating system, allowing each variation a score of up to 20. 10 points for taste, and 5 each for texture and presentation. The two of us will share and average our private ratings.
I anticipate a pretty broad range of results, although one must consider that each one is a deviled egg. It's going to have to try to not be delicious.
It was only appropriate to start the eggcitement with an obvious success--California Roll. It delivered what it offered, rolling in a 15 (texture was the main downfall). Presentation banked a 5 from both of us; check it out.
Soy sauce, wasabi, and diced cucumber added to the mayo and vinegar, topped off with flaked crab, chopped avocado, and dried seaweed.
Not as good as actual sushi, but what is?
I'll try to keep you updated as we continue on this eggscellent journey.

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